Craig and April McFarlane

Craig and April are fun, vibrant and passionate, see tremendous potential in people, valuing each and every life and it’s importance to our world. Even the most broken individual can be the strongest asset, something Craig has experienced while serving as a youth leader for over 20 years. His focus is a life of integrity with grace, compassion and the heartfelt knowledge of Jesus Christ. Understanding today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, this generation of youth will become courageous leaders, visionaries and the next generation of leaders! (They’ll be running the world in a few years folks!)

Since music is an integral part of pop culture, effervescent April, with her incredible music chops and roll with it nature, naturally draws in others to experience what she encounters in music, as it connects to the soul and takes one to a spiritual place; this and her background in the educational field is of tremendous asset and an integral part of this journey with our youth.