Bruno Naomi Ierullo Pastors Catch the Fire Newmarket

Bruno and Naomi Ierullo

<p>After years of prayers by his Grandmother, Bruno Ierullo had a Damascus Road experience of God and turned from corruption to serving Jesus. Pastor Bruno has been a member of CATCH THE FIRE (CTF, formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – TACF), since 1989. Bruno and his wife, Naomi, joined the... </p>
Don and Cathy Leck bio Catch the Fire Newmarket

Don and Cathy Leck

<p>Don and Cathy are part of the Leadership Team at Catch The Fire Newmarket Campus. As cell leaders they are pouring into the lives of others on a weekly basis… Having a big family including grandchildren they truly carry the Father Heart message. They have seen God move in many... </p>

Marius and Nicola Marx

<p>Marius and Nicola met at Powerhouse Christian University in South Africa. They love the Lord, building a family with Him and seeking His heart. They are passionate about seeing the next generation fulfill their God-given destiny through intimacy with the Lord Jesus. They moved to Canada and have been part... </p>