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Special Guest Speaker | Pamela Blackburn | October 25, 2020

Special Guest speaker Pamela Blackburn will be joining Catch the Fire Newmarket in its new location at EVENTMRKT in downtown Newmarket at 10:00am.

Pamela Blackburn was born into a home where her mother was spiritist and her father an atheist. At five years of age, Pam discovered that she was clairvoyant. She devoted her teenage years to studying the occult and using what she’d learned to impress others. Fortune telling gave her a sense of control.

At the age of forty, Pam was confronted with the truth of God’s reality, which led her on a quest to discover if a personal relationship with Jesus was possible. In a dramatic encounter, Pam and Jesus collided face-to-face, and her life changed forever.

Seeking to serve God with her whole heart, Pam trained with Youth with a Mission (YWAM), eventually going to India, where she taught spiritual warfare, among other topics. Her adventures in Asia continued to reveal the depth of how Jesus can transform a life that is hungry for Him.

Pam has shared her story all over the world, including in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Singapore.