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A Call to Prayer and Fasting | January 12 to February 2, 2020

An Empowered Walk

The purpose of our fast

The purpose of this call to fast and pray as a movement is to come before our Heavenly Father God on behalf of our leaders and ourselves, expressing our hearts desire to know the steps Jesus is taking on our behalf and to closely follow His guidance. It is unto the receiving of the Harvest and the reaching out to lost souls.

Timing of the Fast

Our official fast dates begin on January 12 and finish on February 2.
To accommodate all those who wish to take part but cannot do all three weeks, your church may choose to plan a one week or 2 weeks fast within that time frame of three weeks.

Type of Fast

This is a fasting of food. ie water, liquid only or a Daniel vegetable fast.


We are emphasizing prayer and time with God. Support for this will be given during the fast through regular email and facebook communication to give insight and encouragement, corporate zoom, feedback, prophetic words as they are released from our Catch The Fire Prophetic Team.  Please stay tuned as we will be updating our social media as we receive updates from Catch The Fire World.