Bruno Naomi Ierullo Pastors Catch the Fire Newmarket

Bruno and Naomi Ierullo

After years of prayers by his Grandmother, Bruno Ierullo had a Damascus Road experience of God and turned from corruption to serving Jesus. Pastor Bruno has been a member of CATCH THE FIRE (CTF, formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – TACF), since 1989. Bruno and his wife, Naomi, joined the...

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Don and Cathy Leck bio Catch the Fire Newmarket

Don and Cathy Leck

Don and Cathy are part of the Leadership Team at Catch The Fire Newmarket Campus. As cell leaders they are pouring into the lives of others on a weekly basis… Having a big family including grandchildren they truly carry the Father Heart message. They have seen God move in many...

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Marius and Nicola Marx

Marius and Nicola met at Powerhouse Christian University in South Africa. They love the Lord, building a family with Him and seeking His heart. They are passionate about seeing the next generation fulfill their God-given destiny through intimacy with the Lord Jesus. They moved to Canada and have been part...

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